My School Essay For Class 10 In English

My School Essay For Class 10: A school is a place of learning where people from any walk of life can come to get an education. Education is very crucial for a better future and it is not to be taken lightly. People cannot differentiate between good and bad schools. A good school is a place where you can get a quality education at an affordable cost. A good school teaches its students to have values and ethics. My School Essay For Class 10

My School Essay For Class 10 In English

My school, Mumbai Public School, is located on a beautiful piece of property that includes a large playground. The school is large, so we have a full canteen that provides students with plenty of options. The classrooms are well ventilated, and there are distinct bathrooms for boys and girls. We also have a library that students can visit when they need to do research or study for class.

My school’s science laboratory is state-of-the-art and comes complete with all of the necessary equipment. My teachers are passionate about their work and go above and beyond to be caring and kind to everyone. Physical activity is also emphasized at our school and we have a weekly class where we play games like cricket, kho-kho, volleyball, throwball and basketball. Our height and weight are monitored monthly to ensure that we’re all staying healthy.

We have a lot of different activities going on all the time. We compete against other schools and sometimes we even win prizes! My school library is really big and it has a lot of different books that we can read. I spend time at school with my friends doing things like studying and playing games. We also celebrate special days like Independence Day, Republic Day, Teacher’s Day and Annual Day. My school celebrations are always a blast – full of energy and excitement!

We’re never short on extracurricular activities at school. singing, dancing, quiz competitions, speeches, essay writing, pamphlets and sports events are all options that are happily participated in by students. The school administration’s encouragement of student involvement in these activities allows for us to explore different areas and discover hidden talents.

We’re also fortunate enough to have a school bus that takes care of transportation to and from School. Not to mention, it’s a great place to hang out with friends and pass the time between classes.

At my school, we learn a lot of different things like how to act, self-discipline, and public speaking. Out of all of the things that we learn though, the most important lessons are probably how to face failure and what to do after we fail. My school gives us progress reports after each exam so that we can track our grades and see where we need to improve. This is really helpful because it shows us what we need to work on to get better grades.

I really enjoy my school. It’s a small, private school and we have a lot of activities that we can get involved with. I love the arts and crafts class – it’s my favorite! I’m also really into swimming and sports, so I’m glad that my school offers those classes too. Every year, my school takes us on a trip. We’ve gone to places like zoos, museums and amusement parks. That’s always really fun. I like all of my friends at school.

School is definitely a time of change. It can be a really great time where we learn and grow, and make lots of friends. It’s a time that can teach us a lot about life and how to get back up after we fall down. It’s a time that can give us some of our best memories, even if sometimes it doesn’t feel like it when we’re in the moment.

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