My School Essay 10 Lines For Class 2

We provide here My School Essay 10 Lines For Class 2 for all students and children. So, you can read here all 10 lines about My School in the English language. My School Essay 10 Lines For Class 2

My School Essay 10 Lines For Class 2

My School Essay 10 Lines For Class 2 {SET-1}

  1. My school is located in a safe and quiet area, very close to the city center and has great facilities.
  2. The uniform is compulsory and the school requires students to wear them during school hours
  3. Teachers not only teach us knowledge, but also give us love, care and attention to all the students.
  4. They try to develop each student’s potential and strive continuously to improve academic performance.
  5. The academic structure consists of classes, tutorial sessions and extracurricular activity
  6. My school has a good reputation and this comes from the special effort of the teachers as well as the support of the parents.
  7. We all are like a big family staying together. We all love, respect and care for each other.
  8. My school makes sure that we experience the best time of our life here.
  9. My school has been recognized as having an excellent balance of academic excellence and a broad and stimulating range of extra-curricular activities.
  10. My school is very friendly, clean, and organized. It is one of the best schools I have ever been to.

My School Essay 10 Lines For Class 2 {SET-2}

  1. The school is situated in a beautiful quiet residential area. The environment is conducive to learning.
  2. Following the trends of new technology, schools are trying to upgrade their infrastructure.
  3. The teachers and lecturers are very good with their subject. They provide a good environment for the students to learn.
  4. They guide with our studies, conduct tests, direct sections and monitor our progress.
  5. The physical education department is very good. Students are provided with many different opportunities to participate in sports.
  6. My school strives to make all students as successful as possible.
  7. The school also focuses on sports to let students experience the fun of competition and teamwork.
  8. We have the opportunity to represent our school at the national level sports competitions like football, cricket, basketball and many more
  9. I am very proud of my school because of the excellent academic performance and reputation for the sporting activities organized for students.
  10. My School also organizes trips to places of interest and educational visits to museums and city sites.

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