Essay On My School For Class 8th

Essay On My School For Class 8th: Schools play an integral role in a child’s development as they lay the foundation for the child’s future. A good school instills good habits in children at a young age, and our country does not have the means to provide good education to all school-going children. Schools are generally not provided with basic facilities like good infrastructure, qualified teachers, and adequate resources. This is especially prevalent in rural areas and small towns, which results in poor academic performance of students. Much improvement is needed in this area if we want to claim that we are a developing country.

Essay On My School For Class 8th

Essay On My School For Class 8th

I attend Bharat Public School, which is located in Krupa Nagar in Delhi. It’s just a quick walk from my house. The school building is three stories tall, and the exterior is painted red while the interior is white. It’s a very large building! There are a total of 50 classrooms, a hall, a huge library, three laboratories and two staff rooms. We also have a small but comfortable room for visitors. In the school courtyard is where we gather together in the morning for prayers. We hold cultural activities in the big hall of our school.

My school is uniquely blessed to have a huge playground with vibrant flowers and neatly- trimmed lawns on all three sides. The best part is that there are also many plants and flowers around the open space, which makes for a very scenic view. Our head and some teachers are very passionate about gardening, and there is also a professional gardener who takes care of the flowers. He is well trained in horticulture and has plenty of experience. In addition, the school has a grand swimming pool with full facilities for the students.

Teaching at my school is excellent and professional. All of our teachers are knowledgeable in their subjects. They teach the students with utter perfection. Furthermore, we try our hardest to answer any questions the children may have. If you comprehend everything your teacher is saying in school, then you won’t need to get any type of outside tuition. Along with the teachers, our school’s principal is also highly educated and knows how to guide the school in the correct path.

All of our laboratories are sufficiently equipped for practicals. My school’s specialty is its library and reading room. There are a multitude of books on all subjects available here, and in the reading room we have the opportunity to read newspapers, magazines and books. Up to 30 students can occupy the library and reading room at one time. The school has an in-house canteen where food is available to students at reduced prices.

At my school, the student council is responsible for organizing a variety of activities and events for students. These can range from something as simple as a talent show to a more complex event like an outdoor campout. Recently, the school took a trip to a state monument that was ten hours away. The location was amazing, with plenty of trails and a beautiful lake. There were so many opportunities for fun, and the student council did an excellent job organizing everything.

The student council provides students with a forum to speak their minds and have their voices heard on campus. They hold a meeting once a month where students can bring up any topics that are important to them. This is a great way for students to get involved in student life and have some fun!

I attend school on a regular basis because we generally have fun every day. School organizes an annual school function which usually has an interesting theme and it attracts a lot of people. Every year, we organize a sports event. We have access to big arenas where all of the students get excited and participate, even if they aren’t very good at sports. I love it because I get to interact with my friends, we have fun and gain new skills. My school is pretty great!

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