5 Lines On My School In English

We have created some sets of 5 Lines On My School In English below. We would suggest you check them right now as they will remind you of your school days for sure. 5 Lines On My School In English

5 Lines On My School In English

5 Lines On My School In English {SET – 1}

  1. I go to a great school that’s really well-known and respected by everyone in the town.
  2. Great School is a creative, unique, and vibrant school that believes in a hands-on approach to teaching.
  3. The school offers a wide range of subjects and the teachers and teaching staff are very friendly and supportive of their students.
  4. The classroom and the library are equipped with modern technological facilities
  5. The teachers are always happy to help us with our studies whenever we need it.

5 Lines On My School In English {SET – 2}

  1. There is a very good relationship between the staff and students so there is no reason why we should skip classes.
  2. We have a library that is open for discussion during lesson time and we have the freedom to choose different books in our free time.
  3. We have a sports center where we can play or relax depending on the weather.
  4. Over the years, the academic performance at the school has improved significantly. The teachers prepare us well for exams and help us to get top grades.
  5. We are proud to say that the number of students getting full marks each year has increased dramatically over the past ten years.

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