10 Lines On My School In English

We have created some sets of 10 lines on My School In English below. We would suggest you check them right now as they will remind you of your school days for sure.

10 Lines On My School In English

10 Lines On My School In English {SET-1}

  1. I study in a No 1 public school that is excellent and considered the best in town.
  2. The No 1 public school is located in a quiet corner of the city on the outskirts of the hustle-bustle of the city.
  3. It is the ideal school for students who are looking for a quiet, serene atmosphere to study in, yet have access to the amenities of the city.
  4. Teachers here are always willing to go out of their way to help students learn and understand concepts more easily.
  5. It has a very good standard of education, with an outstanding range of extracurricular activities and after-school clubs.
  6. No 1 is also seen as a school that can offer a lot of opportunities for students.
  7. The teaching is excellent and there is a great amount of freedom for creativity and innovation.
  8. My school has a very good reputation and is often featured in different newspapers for its high academic standards.
  9. The School library has a wealth of resources and learning materials catering to the needs of our students.
  10. My school is a friendly, welcoming and supportive environment, where all students and staff work together to achieve the very best.

10 Lines On My School In English {SET-2}

  1. I attend a public school that is known for its excellent teachers and high-quality education.
  2. My school has good infrastructure which is clean and healthy.
  3. It is a great school, with a good reputation, located in the center of my city.
  4. Teachers here are professional and friendly. It’s very easy for me to make new friends.
  5. A competitive academic environment that will help students develop their skills and knowledge
  6. Maintain academic excellence with the quality of education offered by this school
  7. School curriculum includes art, music, and drama, intelligent, smart teachers and the school has great college preparation program.
  8. My school offers extracurricular activities and experiences through which they help us grow not just academically but also personally.
  9. My school is an open-minded place where I can take on leadership roles, have fun and make friends
  10. My school is an amazing place that has a positive impact on our lives.

10 Lines On My School In English {SET-3}

  1. I attend a public school that is highly ranked for its educational opportunities.
  2. My school is located approximately 20 minutes away from the city where I live, so I have to travel by bus.
  3. I have to wear my school uniform which is a navy blue blazer, a white shirt and black tie, navy skirt and shoes.
  4. My School has an educational record that stands out above the rest.
  5. My school is a safe, friendly and welcoming environment; with a caring and professional teaching staff.
  6. The teachers and staff here are really encouraging and supportive of all the students, the facilities provided here are excellent.
  7. Student-centered curriculum and a pedagogy that involves students in the learning process.
  8. The school organizes a wide range of activities and competitions for students outside of the classroom.
  9. We like to treat each other with respect and it is important that students and teachers are kind to one another.
  10. Overall, I feel like this school is home to me and definitely one I am proud of.

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